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TMI Tuesday: June 24, 2014 — School Days

It Is TMI Tuesday

It Is TMI Tuesday

Below are a list of academic fields of study supplied by the TMI Tuesday Blog. I am going to share a memory for each of the disciplines identified.

  1. English — I never read any of the novels assigned.  I listened to discussions and passed the classes by making my essays answers so long, I knew the teacher never read it.  It was full of double talk and gibberish.  At one point, I think I even wrote in the middle of the essay, “I never read a single sentance of the book.  You should fail me on this test”.
  2. History —  My favorite subject, I just hated having to memorize all the different dates
  3. Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Latin…) — I only took one week of Spanish class as starting the second week, English was not to be spoken in her classroom. I quickly dropped the class to drama.
  4. Psychology — Prior to my first day of Psychology 101 class, I went to a local bar and picked up a 27 year old blonde lady and went to her house and had a night of passionate fun.  The next day I entered the class and saw her standing in the classroom.  I walked up to her and asked if she was also in this class.  Her response to me was she was the teacher.  Needlessly to say, I dropped the class and slept with her a few more times.
  5. Mathematics — I suck at math, always have.  This almost prevented me from graduating from one grade to another many times.
  6. Physics — Never took that class.  I know what goes up must come down.  What more do I need to know, really????
  7. ChemistryI did not trust myself in that class.  The gas and open flames.
  8. BiologyDissected a frog and worm, nothing much to say about it. 
  9. GymI was the first and only kid to take a shower the first day in gym class.

Bonus: Did you have sex education class in school? What grade or age did you have this class? Thinking back on the sex education class what was the most surprising thing you learned? Was this class helpful to you in your sex life?

I have previously wrote about my sex education (or lack of one) HERE.  It was not helpful at all.  In fact, I think I would have been better off if they had just left me alone,  I am still, more than 30 years later, attempting to reverse the damage they did to me.


If you made it this far, I offer you an added bonus:  #NSFW




  1. Hedone says:


    Very nice EXTRA credit.


  2. Hedone says:

    Finally quit perving and read the full TMI answers 🙂

    Enjoyed the humor in your responses.

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