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Eric Craig in the Raw

Well, I am a 40 year old born male, second generation nerd, my ADD/ADHD prevented me from sitting still long enough to play video games, HUGE comic book fan and grew up in the age when  who has always has experienced an increased libido, but due to crappy sex education offered to people my age.  As a kid I dreamed of computers would provide us unique way of the independents like First, Dark Horse, Ereos Comics produced some real great shit, my favorite by-far is Howard Chaykin. I recommend his American Flagg, Black Kiss and Black Kiss 2 were simply ground breaking; he brought the sexy back to vampires.

Man I have to stop delaying writing about myself.  If you have not had the chance to view my blogs focused on the lack of sexual education I received growing up.  The school district was good, but they need is to partner with one of the many who are now on line.  How bad was it?

I do have some intelligence, but following my first, and only class on sexual education I thought men and women got married, and once they were married the woman’s body would then create a baby.  That Playboy magazine was for worm to read and Playgirl was for the guys since boys were looking for girls to play and women were looking for boys to play with.

I Leave Myself Vulnerable To You For This Journey of   Self Discovery

I Leave Myself Vulnerable To You For This Journey of Self Discovery

I wonder from time to time how my life would ave been different if i received a proper sexual education growing up.  I am sure I would have had more courage and would have more than likly started having sex before I turned 21.  So I then started to think my ignorance stopped me from talking to girls because I had no fucking clue of what or how to do it or what to do, did I not experience something I may have wanted to do out of fear to not attempt it.  The fear of looking stupid having no idea of what to do on top of the fears of violence men in ’90’s were still experiencing.

I do not classify myself as hetrosexual, bisexual, pansexual, gay or any other sexual identifier out there., I tell a lot of people I meet,I am just sexual. I get off on passions of those around me.  Plus the only consensual sex i have experienced is heterosexual.  The only sexual encounter I have had with someone not born woman was the night I was rapped and the time I was sexually assaulted.

I met my most wonderful wife on a swinger’s website.  We are two peas of the same pod.  She is a saint in that she puts up with my ever growing ADD/ADHD universe.  She not just a saint, she is also my best friend, lover, confidant  and lover.  However the past two years have been difficult for her health wise, but we are getting through this.  

I use to be know by the moniker of CapitalFunPhoto, but since I am not a photographer (I do own a camera), I found people getting confused so on June 27, 2013 the name was changed to CapitalFun1.

I plan to keep this section as fluidly evolving as I expand my horizons.


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