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Feb 18th 2014 TMI Tuesday: Game Show Edition


1. The Price is Right:

What is the right price to make you have sex with a total a total stranger?

This is a loaded question since the level of mutual attraction is not addressed… so I will answer it this way: If it was a game show and I was to have to put a price on my head, I would say $200.  I think it is a fair price, not so much to price a person out of the opportunity, but high enough to ensure the other person’s interest.  If there is a chemistry and mutual attraction, in a non-game show situation, I am willing to freely if asked.  Hell I am lying, if propositioned by a stranger for sexual encounter, I would say where do you want to do it.

2. Make Me Laugh:

What part of your naked body when touched, makes you laugh?

For me, I am “tender” on my sides right above my waist line.

3. Family Feud:

What act could you do or thing could you say that would really upset your significant other?

I am not sure how to answer, as we are open and tell each other everything.  I would say the thing which would annoy her the most would probably be me asking the same question repetitively until I get the answer I want from her.  Yes I can be spoild brat at times…  Don’t judge me please.

4. Supermarket Sweep:

You’ve been set free in a sex toy market that includes small items (e.g. condoms, vibrators) to large items (e.g. Sybians, spanking benches) and everything in between. What 5 items will you put in your shopping cart?

Well my dream list would be Sybian followed by Sex Swing, Torture Rack, Strap-On Harness and finally condom of the month club membership (A different box of 24 condoms sent to my house every month.  You can never be too careful.)

5. The Dating Game (Blind Date, UK version; Perfect Match, Australian version).

Part I – There are 3 contestants to which you will pose your questions. Will your contestants be of your opposite sex, your same sex, or a mix?

I would say a mix, as you never know what could happen.  It IS a game show and you have to be interesting.

Part II – What are 3 questions you would ask the contestants?

First question: “What is the best attribute of the other contestants?” This way I can tell how each think about other people, goes a long way to determine their own character and how judgmental they are of others.

Second Question: “How would you LIKE potential suitors to approach you when they introduce themselves to you?” This can get insight into their overall demeanor and expectations from a person from first contact.

Third Question: “To you, what is the perfect sexual situation/session?” As open as I am about my sexuality, I would be looking to connect with a person who is open and would freely discuss what they want.


It Is TMI Tuesday

It Is TMI Tuesday

1 Comment

  1. Atiya says:

    Love the answers!!
    I also loved your shopping list as well, another shopping partner for me!!!

    The question to the contestants are awesome!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Happy tmi

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