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TMI Tuesday; January 28, 2014: Delve into the Dungeon


It Is TMI Tuesday

It Is TMI Tuesday

1. At the Cock ‘n’ Ball torture (cbt) station, are you more likely to be a sadist doing the ball busting & twisting or are you more likely to have your balls beaten?

This is an easy one for me, I am the one willing and eager to participate in CBT.  Wife found that smacking my cock makes it harder.  So Tie Me Up, smack it or twirl it around, just so long as we can get some loving in as well.  I know a good sadist would leave me with a good set of blue-balls, which makes aftercare all that much more interesting.      

2. The TMI dungeon has a “bedroom” with a window to the world where anyone in the dungeon can watch you having sex. Which will you be, the voyeur watching people have sex or the exhibitionist in the bed getting it on hot ‘n’ heavy?

Again and easy one for me…  I would be the exhibitionist in, on, above, under, over the bed getting hot ‘n’ heavy.  I would probably invite people around me to feel free to look closer and join in, just as long as the mood is right.  

3. You need a stereotypical outfit to wear to the dungeon. Which will you wear?
Top:  Spiked collar or leather chest harness?
Bottom:  Ass-less chaps or leather thong

I am a switch, however recently I have been nurturing my submissive side so I would probably just be naked on my knees ready to service the dominants in the room.  I an not big on the “ass-less chaps as I do not have much of an ass to show in the chaps.

4. Time for some impact play. Which would you prefer? Why? (Pick 1 From Each Set)

Set 1:  flogger or whip? Flogger as to me it is more of an intimate as we are closer 
Set 2:  paddle or bare-handed spanking? When I am topping, I both are nice, and why do you have to choose?  If I have to, I would say paddle as it allows for more control and consistency in regards to impact. 
Set 3:  cane or crop? Like set 1, I would have to say crop, but the cane is nice as well.  Thank god I have both.

5. Bondage. You have the choice of being restrained and mercilessly ‘used’ by a fucking machine (pic1pic2) while others watch or being strapped to St. Andrews cross and touched, groped, tickled, and made to tingle by strangers visiting the dungeon on this evening. What’s your pleasure? Why?

If I have to choose between these two options, I would have to say strapped to the St. Andrews cross as I find it exciting to touched, groped, titillated and made to tingle by friends and stranger alike.  

What would be even better if I was tied to the cross blindfolded, not knowing when or who would touch me and by what instrument.  That is if I have to choose, but it is possible the place the fucking machine under me while I am tied to the cross blindfolded and have everyone grope me.  Yes, sometime I like to have a little bit of everything.  I can dream cant I?

1 Comment

  1. Hedone says:

    1. Nice.

    2. You are a wild one.

    3. I could see you in a chest harness and leaather thong.

    5. I chose the cross–and to close my eyes or be blind-folded. It does heighten the excitement.

    Hahaha! You are a greedy man…I love how your mind works.

    Have a Great Week!


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