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TMI Tuesday: December 31, 2013


Well I know I am posting this a little late in the week but I had to make time to recover a little from the New Years fun I had and the resulting hangover.  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful end to 2013 and start of 2014. I am looking forward in sharing many more TMI Tuesday posts with you; and I hope you enjoy my ramblings as well.

1. Did you make New Year’s Resolutions last year? Which ones did you keep? Are you better for it?

Well I typically do not set resolutions as I enjoy the roller-coaster ride of life, however I set personal objectives I want to meet with the objective to expand my understanding and provide every opportunity to broaden my understanding of the people who surround me.  In 2013 I think I met that objective by expanding my knowledge, understanding and plights of the Sex Positive community. I also “popped some of my BDSM cherries such as being publicly flogged, pegged and was kidnapped by my cabin mates at sex camp, where they did some of the most wonderful things which I still smile about.

2. What was your favorite TMI Tuesday list of questions from 2013? Why? (Give date and title)

Since I have only participated in one other TMI Tuesday, I would have to say my favorite had to be ” If there is one saying you would put on a tee-shirt what is it?” as the question made me think on how nice it would be to have an article of clothing presenting to the world one’s thoughts and could help others decide on how they would approach each other in a positive way from the onset by lowering assumptions from both sides leading to positive communication from both sides and also allowing the opportunity for people who might not never have ever approached each other in the first place.

3. What sexy/sexual things do you hope to experience in 2014–toys, acts, people, events, etc?

Well there are a lot of people I want to meet this year, and I am making preparations to provide me the best chances to meet as many people as I can at different venues.  I will be attending the first of three BDSM centric Sex Camps in February, where I will have a mini Priory family reunion,  Here I hope to have with @NotSoNilla, @Bethelism and as many others as I can negotiate over that weekend.  I then follow the up the following month by attending #CatalystCon_East_2014 to meet another group of sex positive people spending the weekend learning and networking and enjoying the company which surrounds me at this event.  Other events I plan, but have not yet purchased tickets include another sex camp at the end of June then Woodhull 2014 Sexual Alliance Summit in August then my third sex camp in September  and end the year with a trip to #CatalystCon_West_2014.

Sex toys I would like tryout this year and review would include the nJoy’s “Pure Plugs”, “Pfun Plug” and “Pure Plug 2.0” butt plugs and have the strength to try both their “Pure Wand” and “nJoy Eleven”, Yes that is wishful thinking of working to fit in their entire line in this year (no pun intended), but a guy can dream can’t he?

Also I would like to try some more high-class glass plugs which Crystal Delights sexy cool plugs as I completely fell in love, and will review shortly their incredible “Short Stem-Small Bulb Plug”.  What I would like to try this year would be their “Crystal Twist Mini Plug” and their “Crystal Minx Tail Plug” so I can experience cos-play at the sex camps I plan to attend this year.

Lastly, I would like to try out and review some more of the plastic dildos out on the market and how see how they perform as there are many novelty devices which are marketed as sex toys, and I want to ensure people can have a safe and pleasurable sex life.

4. This time of year is filled with “Top Lists” and “Best of Lists”. Let’s make a list. What were your Top 3 best sexual experiences in 2013? Go into as little or as much detail as you would like.

I am not sure how to narrow down a top 3 list of sexual experiences in 2013.  I met conversed and explored sexuality with so many people each of the 365 days in 2013.

If you were to twist my arm and continued to non-stop flog my ass for hours (which would place a smile on my face and swell my loins) I would have to say one of the top moments occurred at the June sex camp where two wonderful women took me to the dungeon and told me to stand against a pillar with a Shibari Japanese Rope Bondage Ring attached to it and told me to NOT let go of the ring no matter what.   They then proceeded to strip me naked and both took turns flogging and cropping my back and ass, and the occasional direct shot to my cock with their crops for at least 35 to 40 minutes to where the scene’s crescendo both ladies practiced their deep throat skills on me.

The next scene that comes to mind was from the same event where another lady brought me to the dungeon and had a scene on a suspended swaying swing.  She started it off by covering me in lube and started to softly message at my chest and made her way to my crotch and softly manipulated my cock and then continued to under my cock and manipulated my balls.  Then she slowly moved a finger to my ass hole and applied pressure and my ass surrendered to the pressure and accepted her finger’s entrance.  She then slowly extracted her finger and then ordered me to get on my hands and knees then spread some lube and then reentered my ass, now with three fingers vice the single finger she originally inserted.  With her three fingers she slowly started pump in and out of my ass.    I remembered the swing moved back and forth in unison of her thrusts.  On her thrust in to me, she was sure to hit the golden spot and that it did not take me long to turn into a lump of clay begging to cum.  Once she allowed me the right to release, the pleasure waved through my entire body resulting me to twitch uncontrollably on the swing and it took more than 10 minutes to gain the strength and control to walk an uneven line to clean up the mess pleasure which exited my body.

The third had to be my expansion and understanding of my own sexuality.  Through the different conferences I attended in 2013, I started to understand where my thoughts of my own sexuality were derived from; from ignorance and intolerance and solidified by social stigma and judgment.  It is now funny to me the people who helped form my sexual identity while growing up were the same people to tell me to eat my vegetables when I told them I did not like them, that until I were to try them before I could make the choice if I liked a specific food or not, but when it came to sexual identity I was only told about one lifestyle and was made to think any deviation from it model was bad.

5. What are your hopes, dreams for 2014?

With what I placed above, I do not want to appear too greedy and ask or expect anything, but I undoubtedly want to increase my knowledge and provide what assistance I can for the sex positive community.  I hope that my open, raw writing of my struggles will help someone who is fearful of exploring the bounds of their sexuality, and that I can find more supportive people as I dive further into my mind as I define myself, what I like to do and have done to me sexually.

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