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2013; The Year Sex+ Community Saved My Life (Part 2) #CatalystCon East


The Best of the Best:

 Eric Meets Sex Positive Community:

With all that was going on within my personal life (See Part 1) with almost losing my wife multiple times, and multiple different medical conditions, besides attending Sex Camps I also decided to finally meet and receive a better understanding of the Sex Positive dreamstime_m_35682020community, see what it was all about, what I could learn and most importantly what I can do to advocate and assist as many people and groups as I can.

Back in 2012, I started my initial outreach to this exciting community of advocates, professionals and educators who sit on the front-line fighting like superheroes protecting, educating and promoting a message we all have a fundamental human right to be sexual, express our sexuality, a sexual identity and explore a sexual desires freely in an environment free of violence, judgment and stigma while respecting the privacy of those who share our views.

It was during the election cycle of 2012 I found a purpose as I saw what appeared as several laws which threatened the safety and rights of Sex Workers and professionals by a series of poorly written laws which could easily be manipulated to infringe on our rights, such as L.A.’s infamous Measure B, California’s Prop 35 and several states had same-sex measures on the ballot, but all where confusingly written, or terms like trafficking was used to confuse the implications of the laws.

It was during this time, I used my voice on Twitter and limited followers to promote and educate as many as I could on what the implications these laws would have and could ruin the lives so many people for simply working, writing, expressing or educating on issues sexual subject matter.

Though my efforts were bitter sweet as many of the same-sex referendums passed, many other measures passed threatening their livelihoods and status of life.  Thus I decided to attend my first conference:

CatalystCon a.k.a. #ccon:


I had bought my tickets for this conference before a medical emergency transpired with my wife, so I was not in the best head-space for this conference and was nowhere near ready to fully absorb all the awesome information all the presenters provided and find my true voice in helping in the cause of promoting a Sex+ Lifestyle.

My day started early on the brisk March day as I attended one of the pre-conference workshops hosted by Tristan Taormino (  I probably had a look of utter shock on my face as this presentation commenced.  Ms. Taormino’s eloquent presentation provided me with a scope and how to present myself and this wonderful community to help people understand what we are all about.

It was in Ms. Taormino’s class that I met a wonderful woman by the name of Emerald (@Emerald_theGLD) ( who must have seen the look of shock, which she was right as I felt I was truly unworthy to be in the room with all these incredible pioneers.   Her aura and personality made me feel welcomed and accepted.  I can never thank her enough for that moment in Ms. Taormino’s class as it set the stage for me for the rest of the conference.

Another notable mention was the chance to spend a few minutes to chat with the incredible Elle Chase (@LadyCheeky) as I was following her lead at the time of a Tumblr blog of shared images which promotes a positive views of the many faces of sexuality, Her blog is an incredible space to visit and admire her work in finding images which tell an incredible story and focuses on promoting a positive body-image message.

Another major defining moment that weekend was the opportunity to meet Sabrina Morgan (@SabrinaMorgan) (  If you have not had the chance to meet her or hear her speak, I recommend that you do so at the first opportunity you can.  This woman is more than meets the eyes as I describe her to friends as an incredibly poised, smart spitfire of positive energy whose bravery in presenting her information inspires me as every time I have spoken with her (in person, twitter or e-mail) she has increased my knowledge, understanding and love of more diverse people.  This time if I get a chance to give her a hug, I will not be shy or meekish and take her up on the offer.

Lastly a major highlight for me that weekend was the chance to meet the conference organizer, Dee Dennis (@DeeDennis).  I know how busy she was organizing and orchestrating the events to be kind enough to take the few minutes to talk and even share a nice hug.

I know there were so many people at this event, and I feel horrible in not naming everyone I met or shared in conversation but I feel I have gone on long enough you get the idea.

I do recommend you register for CatalystCon East 2014 ASAP as the line-up looks incredible and there is a lot to learn, a chance to network, collaborate while enjoying the energy of this incredible community.

Part 3 of the 2013 Year in Review will focus on the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance 2013 Summit.

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