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2013 The Year Sex+ Community Saved My Life (Part 1)


The Worst Part of the Year:

Many of you have found my blog through my Twitter account of @CapitalFun1.  Some of you I have met in the real world at either one of the Sex+ events I attended this year or at one or both of the BDSM related camp weekends.  For those of you whom I have met this year, I can say it has been an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to meet you.  I appreciate your sharing a little of yourself and knowledge with me and

dreamstime_m_24099770You might have read some of this on Twitter, so I am sorry for the rehash of these events, but it was a little over a year and a half that my wife came down with a series of cascading ailments one worse than the one before.  I watched as the vibrant love of my life and partner in crime wither away.  From August 2012 through the end of January I slowly watched her wither away in bed, sometimes losing more than 30 pounds in a single month.  There were days where I would walk into our bedroom and watch as she rested.  Some of those days which stood vigil for her, I had to wake her up as she had stop breathing.

help me grow.  You are what kept me together this year.  Without your positivity, drive, determination and sheer strength were inspiration to me on keep moving forward.

Her inability to properly digest her meals, which by January consisted mostly of protein style shakes, it is my belief her body started to misabsorb her medication and her mind and body started to revolt against her. So from between February and September of this year she spent in the care of a local hospital in either an inpatient or outpatient care.  We both were scared, highly emotional and taxing on the both of us.

Now, I did not experience the hell she went through, and I will not tell her story or point of view, all I have is mine.  When I was in the military years ago, I had led soldiers in a war time situation; bombs dropping all around; that was not as scary as making some potentially life or death decisions for the person I love most in the world.  My schedule during this time was waking up at 4 every morning and feed the dog and then head to my job.  I would work from 5:45 am to 4:00 pm, then drive to the hospital and be there until 8 pm to drive an hour or two back home to feed and play with the dog and usually passed out by 11 pm to do that all over again the next day.  That was my family life pretty much for seven months.

My wife is getting better, and doctors have her going down the right path, but it is still a long road of recovery.  I was happy that she attended the portions of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance 2013 Conference and met a few of you.

Supportive Friends Who Protected Me

dreamstime_m_4511213Most of the people in my life did not know what was going on at home, but sensed that something was just not right.  They decided to gather around me and helped to place my mind at ease and help me forget, if just for a few hours my world was not crumbling  apart into chaos by doing everything they could to ensure and offer pleasure as a distraction from the dreaded “real life” which awaited me at the ends of the weekends of both sex camps I attended.

The following people are but a few individuals who I now call family.  Their efforts made this semi-outsider feel part of their family, their Priory Family.  For this I will always love each and every one of them and want them to know I will do ANYTHING for them:

@NotSoNilla: Is one of the kindest women I have ever had the honor to meet.  She and her partner invited me in their group with open arms and introduced me to so many great people while also managing the cabin we all shared.  She was the instigator in planning and executing my kidnapping scene the first night; this I feel set the mood for the weekend for the rest of the group.

@mammasboy16: Is the other half of Nilla and worked so hard to include everyone in the plans, and orchestrated a series of cabin events flawlessly.

Other members of this group included: @SensualMuse, @CrystaHeart, @ginger, @dark_poppet, @PlayfulSwitch who had a part in my kidnapping.  This was at the groups fist dinner, and I felt set the right mood for the weekend.  Being blindfolded for the entire session, I am not sure what all happened and who did what to me, but from what I could gather I was on my hands and knees, clamps on my testicles, hot wax dripped on me, verbal humiliation, and public pegging.

This year also involved expanding friendships with an incredible intimate scene with the fabulously beautiful @pulpologist.

Next post will focus on the sex positive conferences and individuals I have connected with this past year.

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